Sound Module for your Teddy Bear Loaded with one song $29.95

Your Singing Teddy Bear comes with a sound module already loaded with one of our 4 personalised song choices.

Perhaps, after listening to your original song (as gorgeous as it is) over a million times, you may prefer a change of song???

We have made it sooooo easy for you.

As our sound modules are completely removable, you can purchase one of our sound modules, and we will load it with your choice of personalised song and your choice of name.

You will receive your sound module, in its little organza pouch, all ready to be placed into your Teddy Bear

All you need to do is change over the sound modules

So, so easy and a great gift idea for the child who already has one of our personalised Singing Teddy Bears!
Select Your Song
You are special (track 7 - You Are My Friend)
One in a million (track 8 - You are An Angel)
Birthday wish (track 6 - Hip Hip Hooray Its Your Birthday)
All because of you (track 5 - You Can Do Anything)
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$ 29.95 · Sound module
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